Submission Guidelines

Teen-Voices-new-logoTeen Voices is the global girl news website of Women's eNews. We change the media landscape by incorporating girls in the production of news about their lives. We publish reported pieces and first-person narratives produced by females, 13-19 years old. Articles are typically 600-800 words long and writers will be required to work with our editor before the articles are published. Teen journalists that are published in Teen Voices receive payment for their

We want to hear from all female-identified teens who have an interest in journalism/media/writing and activism.

All of our stories are produced by girls and have girl voices and experiences in them. They highlight the realities facing girls all over the world today. Here's what you can expect as a Teen Voices writer.

We cannot accept previously published work.

Don't forget

Our audience is made up of teen girls and adults who care about girls. All pieces must have young people representing themselves. Spend some time on our site to get a good sense of our work.

Now what?

We are always looking for female-identified teens ages 13-19 years old to work with us. If you want to write or report or produce a video for Teen Voices, please send your full name, age, city/state and email address to
[email protected]. If you have something specific you'd like to write about, please share your idea in your email.

We look forward to working with you!

girlfuselogoClick here to find out more about our initiative for girls with physical disabilities.