Indigenous Women Speak Out

Indigenous Women Speak Out is a podcast meant to facilitate space for Indigenous women to educate listeners about issues that affect their lives. For far too long, Indigenous communities have been spoken for, or spoken at, and it is past time to hear from them in their own words.

Indigenous women in particular face extraordinary challenges— underreported physical and sexual violence, and disproportionate economic, political, health, and cultural deprivations— all stemming from the ongoing impact of colonialism. But Indigenous women are also often in leadership roles in the fight for environmental concerns, cultural preservation, improving health and human services and respecting treaty and voting rights.

Episode 1

Indigenous Women Speak Out with Mary Kim Titla and Kylie Hunts-In-Winter

Member of San Carlos Apache tribe in Arizona, Mary Kim Titla sits down with 18 year-old Youth Entrepreneur, Leader, Activist, Martial Arts Champion, President of Zuya Martial Arts and head of the “@BraveWoman” Movement, Kylie Hunts-In-Winter of the Standing Rock Sioux Dakota and Lakota People to discuss the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Movement.

Episode 2

Indigenous Women Speak Out with Martha Troian and Kluane Adamek

Kluane Adamek is the Yukon regional chief in northern Canada. A part of the Killer Whale clan, she has been a leader since 2018 at the assembly of First Nations in Canada.