Man Who Raped Child Retains Visitation Rights

(WOMENSENEWS)-A Canadian family court judge said that it was in the best interest of a 10-year-old girl to have visits with her father, who was convicted of having anal intercourse with a 5-year-old girl before his own daughter was born.

Judge John Brownlee ruled last week that the man should be able to continue to see his daughter in supervised visits-at least until a custody battle with the mother is resolved, the Calgary Herald reported Saturday. The father served a four-year prison sentence for the crime.

Child-welfare officials wish to gain permanent custody of the girl, taken from her estranged parents in December 2000.

“The evidence so far is that the child is enjoying supervised access with the father, with no negative results,” Brownlee said. “The father has displayed appropriate and loving care.”

The mother's lawyer, Peter Ward, argued against any type of access by the father. “He has a history of masturbating to deviant fantasies about children, with violent overtones,” Ward told the judge.

The father's lawyer, Antonio Simoes, said the man's relationship with his daughter has been positive.

“She has a benefit from the access,” Simoes said. “I recognize it must be supervised.”

“He understands and he'll do everything to make sure all boundaries are in place.”