Listen Up Successful Bully Broads: Act Like Ladies

(WOMENSENEWS)-Tough and successful women executives are being sent by their bosses-said to be intimidated by their style-for reprogramming to change their assertive ways and tone it down.

A new executive coaching program, called “Bully Broads,” tells high-powered women to ditch the hardball stuff and relearn ladylike behavior and tactics, The New York Times reported. They are told as part of the training that it's okay to stammer, to weep, to mumble through tears-in fact, it's more effective.

That's the message of executive coach Jean A. Holland whose forthcoming book is entitled, “Same Game, Different Rules: How to Get Ahead Without Being a Bully Broad, Ice Queen or Other ‘Ms. Understoods.'”

Every month about a dozen women executives gather at her coaching and consulting office to repent and confess that they are recovering bully broads. About 95 percent, are sent by their companies because of what managers and coworkers call their “intimidating styles.”