America Out of Line

What Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day-find out here, promises the home page. No, a click did NOT reveal a page having to do with any of the following: protecting our children from gun violence and drugs so that they grow to adulthood or getting some real bone fide rest-think daily naps and a good night's sleep. Nothing about paid maternity leaves, good schools,day care or health insurance either.

Nope. That is not what AOL had in mind. Those who clicked on What Mom Really Wants found themselves confronted with a full-page advertisement for a floral-arrangement distribution company. For those with the hankering to find out more, AOL presents a Moms Who Made A Difference page with a full-blown portrait of Princess Di and the logo of the company who makes the biggest-selling version of boxed macaroni and cheese dinners, plus a link toFind A Lawyer Near You.

Hmm. Suppose moms could sue AOL for not only being totally clueless about their lives but also shamelessly exploiting a women who died trying to escape the continual shameless exploitation of her private life, including her mothering?