Save The Date: Sept. 26th Honoring Professional Women in Sports

In Canada, and the Toronto region in particular, the visibility of high-profile women in sports is on the rise. Come join us in Toronto!

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‘I begged them not to harass me’: Women Accuse Taliban of Sexual Assault After Arrest for ‘Bad Hijab’

“What I experienced in the prison was horrible, but you know what is worse than that? It is that we can’t speak about our experiences.”

Nowhere To Turn: The Undeclared War on Women in Greece

This was not the first, nor would it be the last femicide to occur in Greece this year, a country with the highest rate of men killing women in Europe.

WOMXN UP! Podcast: Handing The Shame Back on Sunday, June 16th

Wherever you are, raise awareness about child sexual abuse by walking for 30 minutes, beginning at 10:00am.

“The Doctor Won’t See You Now:” Part Two: Why Do Barriers to Healthcare for Women with Disabilities Persist?

Medical students receive little, if any, education about how to provide care and treatment to people with disabilities.

Exploring Disability Inclusion in the Arts and Entertainment Industry

To create a truly inclusive industry, it is essential to ensure that disabled voices are heard at all levels - from production to executive leadership.

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